We offer 30k, 60k, 90k factory tune-ups/maintenance with options of OEM parts or aftermarket. Tune-ups vary on year, make and model of car.  We also offer coolant flush, transmission service and repair, and oil changes.  We also replace batteries and battery terminals.


We service and repair a wide variety of disc and drum brakes with options of replacing pads, rotors, brake shoes, and brake drums.  Also we do brake master cylinder and brake booster replacement.  With modern technology today, we are many times able to provide rotors priced as affordable as re-surfacing your rotor and drums, but these rotors are NEW!


We service a wide variety of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, but not limited to oversized trucks and utility vehicles with the option of fleet services as well.


Your suspension system has many parts. If you look under your car, it’s basically everything that connects your wheels to the car’s frame. These are heavy duty parts that do a lot of work. They need to be inspected for damage and excessive wear at least once a year. You can count on us to nspect your vehicle's suspension system with ease.