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You understand that SOS Auto Repair does not provide an inspection job that is equal to a state inspection or a smog inspection, and you acknowledge that obtaining an inspection through SOS Auto Repair does not indicate that your vehicle would pass state inspection or a SMOG inspection. When an inspection or diagnostic is performed SOS Auto Repair will first seek to diagnose the problem with your car. You understand that in performing an auto repair diagnosis, the mechanic may go through a step-by-step process to rule out or confirm part failures through visual inspection and/or appropriate tests. You understand that, although mechanics utilize their auto repair experience in performing diagnoses in accordance with industry standards, We cannot guarantee that any particular diagnosis performed on your car will identify all of the problems with your car (and/or solutions) during the first inspection. Sometimes, the only way to get to the root cause of a problem is to go through a process of elimination – that is, to replace a part suspected to be defective with a known good part, and then to recheck the car to see whether or not the problem still exists. After receiving a diagnosis, you may request subsequent repair work recommended based on the diagnosis. You agree that our 90 day warranty applies only to such repair work, not to the completeness of the diagnosis or to any problems that you may be experiencing with your car (other than a problem with the replaced part itself). For example, if your car has an oil leak, the leak may be coming from two or three different places in your engine. The technician may recommend replacing the part responsible for the most obvious source of the leak, and then recheck the car to see if there are other components that are leaking too. You understand that, if there are other leaking components, replacing those other components would be separate work subject to an additional charge.


All parts & services listed in your repair order are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of your repair order, unless otherwise noted and may be void due to (but not limited to) one of the following three conditions:

(1) CUSTOMER SUPPLIED PARTS - SOS Auto Repair will not warranty parts or labor for any job with parts supplied by customer. SOS Auto Repair will not be held liable for any failures, damage, or poor performance due to the installation of customer supplied parts, regardless of the cause of failure, damage, or poor performance. If incorrect parts supplied by customer cause vehicle to remain immobile in SOS Auto Repairs work space, there will be a $200/day storage fee for each day vehicle renders a work space unusable for the service of other vehicles. Alternatively, an additional hourly labor charge may be applied to assemble and later disassemble vehicle in order to safely remove vehicle from SOS Auto Repair's work space.

(2) NEGLECT - SOS Auto Repair will void all warranties for damage due to customer neglect. Neglect includes, but is not limited to, failure to properly and timely service vehicle to prevent premature wear or damage to components installed by SOS Auto Repair, overheating engine or transmission, not using proper or required chemicals and fluids, etc.

(3) MODIFICATIONS - Any modification to any system part, or the installation of after-market parts on customer's vehicle, performed either by SOS Auto Repair or customer, before or after service work is performed by SOS Auto Repair, will void SOS Auto Repair's standard warranty. Modified systems and parts, or the use of high performance parts, that change the behavior or design of the vehicle from the vehicle's original factory specifications place added stresses to the vehicle and its systems, cause added noise and vibration, and cannot be considered as reliable or comfortable as original equipment and in some cases may cause death.

Customer agrees to hold SOS Auto Repair harmless from any/all claims/liabilities that may occur due to any of the above mentioned statements or for any reason whatsoever.

By signing your estimate and/or invoice, you have authorized the repair work listed, including any sublet work, to be done along with necessary materials. You have also authorized any increase in price and repairs over the original estimate that may be noted elsewhere on this invoice. Fees may be charged for hazardous waste disposal. SOS Auto Repair has explained that the standard 90 day warranty for parts & labor is from the date of the repair order/invoice. In the event a warranty issue occurs, the vehicle must be returned to SOS Auto Repair for repairs. SOS Auto Repair will not reimburse repairs performed by another technician or repair facility. SOS Auto Repair cannot be held liable for any additional costs outside of original repairs. In the event it is necessary to retain an attorney to collect for the service and goods shown on the invoice, SOS Auto Repair will be entitled to reasonable attorney fees in addition to its court cost. You acknowledge receipt of the vehicle in good condition and a copy of the repair order/invoice.

ALL vehicles must be picked up within (3) three days after Notification of Completion of Repairs. OTHERWISE, a charge of $180 per day will be added to this invoice for storage begining on day four. If vehicle is immobile for any reason, in SOS Auto Repair's workplace, there will be a $200/day storage fee for each day vehicle renders a workspace unusable for the service of other vehicles. If vehicle is not picked up by day ten, a lien will be placed on vehicle.


At times online and/or special order items may offer no warranties, returns and/or refunds. Customer is responsible for re-ordering fees and new labor fee. Customer is responsible for shipping fees, restocking fees and/or any other fees associated if such an event is permitted or applicable.

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